Engines of Discovery

Particle accelerators play an important role in high energy physics, materials and life sciences. They are used to create a very special state of matter — beams of particles (protons, electrons, photons, neutrons, muons, neutrinos etc.). Medical applications of accelerators include radiotherapy, production of radioactive isotopes, hadron therapy and bio-imaging


A beam of particles is a very useful tool.
A beam of the right particles with the right energy at the
right intensity can shrink a tumor, produce cleaner energy,
spot suspicious cargo, make a better radial tire, clean up dirty
drinking water, map a protein, study a nuclear explosion,
design a new drug, make a heat-resistant automotive cable,
diagnose a disease, reduce nuclear waste, detect an art forgery,
implant ions in a semiconductor, prospect for oil, date an
archaeological find, package a Thanksgiving turkey or discover
the secrets of the universe

From the  Report “Accelerators for America’s Future”, US Department of Energy, 2010


 Popular brochure about Particle Accelerators from the American Physical Society